What people say...

‘It’s been a tricky time with Covid 19 and through everyone pulling together as a Consortium, working alongside our NEP Colleagues we have all made significant leaps forward by embracing the use of technology of NEP Cloud’.

Sir James Mackey
Chief Executive, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

(Former Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust)

We are no longer a systems team, we are a valued systems project team…’ As a long-term member of NEP, we can truly advocate the value of NEP Cloud and what the Consortium brings. Prior to NEP as a system team our focus was primarily dealing with system issues, dealing with IT ...


Michael Davison - Finance Project Lead, NHS Foundation Trust

‘Oracle is delighted to be a long-term partner of NEP. Our alliance gives NHS organisations access to the latest technology at all times’


Guy Armstrong - Senior Vice President, (UK & Ireland - Applications) - Oracle

‘The ability to have met accounting timelines for Year End and business continuity in P2P has been a great benefit, the use of NEP Cloud and its Peppol access point has been great, it has been a seamless process and proved invaluable. We aim to extend Peppol across the majority of our key suppliers as it means continuity of provision of essential goods and services and the suppliers get paid much quicker and with ease. I would encourage other organisations to do this also’.


Alison Chew - Associate Director of Finance, NHS Foundation Trust