The only fully integrated Finance and Procurement solution in the NHS.

Our SolutionsNEP offers a wide range of innovative healthcare solutions and services to help NHS organisations solve their current challenges and make efficiencies.

Our innovative, leading edge solutions have been specifically designed for NHS organisations and are available at specially negotiated, discounted rates.

Our services are designed to complement the solutions and provide a first class package to all NHS organisations who work with NEP.

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Our Purchase to Pay solution delivers full automated End to end process utilising the digital import of Invoices supporting local and national directives with a drive to remove waste and develop paperless best practice.

Order to Cash (O2C)

NEP Cloud Order to Cash functionality makes it easy for you to collect cash and for your customers to pay - both at the time of delivery and on receipt of an invoice – it’s as simple as that.

Accounting to Reporting (A2R)

NEP Cloud incorporates Accounting to Reporting supporting business decisions, ensuring you have the right information at the right time to support the right decision.

Client Relationship Management

We support our colleagues to take full advantage of the Collaboration, Shared Knowledge and expertise our unique NEP Consortium brings to the NHS that ultimately transitions into the overall solution.


Here at NEP we are delighted to be associated with our partner Pagero where we have seen a significant on boarding campaign bringing over 470 suppliers to trading with the NHS electronically via Peppol.

Approximately £20bn is processed through the NEP Cloud solution annually


Per Year

Group 20 (2)

Over 1.2m Financial Transactions are processed within the NEP Cloud solution every month

Approximately 200k Payments are processed through the NEP Cloud solution every month


Approximately 135k Purchase Orders are created through the NEP Cloud solution every month

As NHS employees, we fully understand the complexities of back-office procedures along with the time pressures of front-facing hospital management teams, so we have created a better way.

NEP Cloud continues to work collaboratively with our Consortium members to ensure our NHS ERP Platform provides seamless, flexible and efficient working practices across the NHS.

With the recent and ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic, NEP Cloud has proven essential in supporting home working, for the full back-office team.
For our front-facing Budget Holders, NEP Cloud have designed at-a-glance dashboards that remove the need to analyse full reports and allows them to focus on patient care.


In Partnership with...


We are proud to partner with the likes of Oracle, Pagero and Genisys Technology Solutions


The use of our solution combined with the expertise and knowledge of our team, we are here for you.

NEP Cloud is flexible, vibrant, and scalable which is already being used by NHS Organisations in England, and by implementing the NEP Cloud solution, you will never need to worry about an upgrade or move to another solution as you will always be ahead of the curve with our Cloud technology.