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Here at NEP we are delighted to be associated with our partner Pagero where we have seen a significant on boarding campaign bringing over 470 suppliers to trading with the NHS electronically via Peppol.

As every supplier and buyer is aware, the UK Government requires NHS organisations to exchange purchase orders and invoices safely, securely and electronically.

In particular, the Public Procurement Regulations required contracting bodies to receive and process supplier invoices electronically.

In 2022, our NEP Consortium Board mandated all our NEP colleagues to use both electronic invoices and purchase orders utilising Peppol.

The initial success has seen many benefits to both supplier and buyer some of which are listed below:

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Zero Paper

Supporting the NHS Net Zero strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of the NHS

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Significant reduction in in paying invoices

Eliminates the delays that result from mailing, sorting and re-keying paper invoices

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Improved cash flow for suppliers and buyers

Supporting local SME’s at a time of economic difficulty

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No re-keying of order details

Eliminates the effort associated manually entering purchase orders. Eliminates the associated risk of errors from manual entry

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Zero transactions via email

A robust solution delivering documents directly to the supplier and customer systems. Eliminates the associated manual processing of documents.

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Improved efficiencies

Let the technology take care of the mundane tasks of delivering and entering documents in to systems. Free staff to concentrate on added value tasks such as
exception reporting and investigation, and statement reconciliation


"The ability to meet accounting timelines for Year End and business continuity in P2P has been a great benefit and assurance in NEP Cloud and its Peppol Partner, is a seamless process and proved invaluable. Our aim is to extend Peppol across our supplier base, as it means continuity of provision of essential goods and services and our suppliers get paid much quicker and with ease. I would encourage other organisations to do this also"

Alison Chew – Assistant Director of Finance

“The advantage of trading via Peppol with NEP organisations is that you connect once, and begin trading with all their clients with very little effort. The benefits are that buyer organisations send PO’s automatically through the NEP Cloud Solution and receive Invoices automatically and we get PO’s and our Invoices are paid promptly resulting in an efficient and seamless P2P process from both perspectives’”

Malcom Dobson – Systems and Process Manager


"The adoption of Peppol transacting within the NHS is absolutely key and NEP Cloud enables this with ease, using the latest technologies enabling us to comply with latest government and industry directives.Operationally, this transpires into Purchase Orders are securely transmitted across the Peppol network and supplier invoices transmitted back in the same way. This removes all manual intervention, providing seamless transmission benefiting both supplier and buyer, and builds upon better relationships."

Julie Reed – Deputy Director of Finance

Medtronic UK uses Peppol as the driving force behind collaboration with our customers, integration of systems, automation and improved accuracy of data related to the ordering & invoicing processes

Andy Holdrick – eCommerce Specialist UKIE

For more information, please contact our Peppol team at;