Introduction to Some of Our Partners

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David Griffiths CEO-NEP

CEO OF FISCAL Technologies

David Griffiths

Partner of NEP

FISCAL Technologies is delighted to be joining the NEP team, providing our supplier risk intelligence solution alongside the NEP Cloud, that empowers progressive finance teams to protect organisational spent.  We know how important collaboration and the highest standards of excellence and efficiencies are to both NEP and its NHS Consortium colleagues.

FISCAL Technologies award-winning software, NXG Forensics®, uses the latest AI and forensic techniques to prevent fraud and provide a unique view of supplier risk, continuously reviewing supplier and transaction files to surface risk before it has a financial and/or reputational impact, as well as delivering process and cost efficiencies in line with NEP Best Practice.

Since 2003 FISCAL and its NXG Forensics platform has been changing how Finance and Procure-to-Pay teams manage supplier risk, protecting working capital and increasing profitability, while defending against reputational and financial risks and maintaining regulatory compliance. Our newly formed collaboration with NEP enables the consortium to take advantage of the technologies available, and we look forward to a long and dedicated relationship with everyone in the NEP family’.


Senior Vice President (UK Ireland - Applications)

Guy Armstrong

Partner of NEP

Oracle is delighted to be a long-term partner of NEP providing our ‘software as a service’ solution to them. As the largest group of organisations in the NHS adopting a true cloud solution, not only offers a single template that enables the NHS to have access to consolidation of data and information, but gives access to the absolute latest technologies and features at all times.

The collaboration between the two organisations continues to be fruitful and our alliance enables a stronger relationship and better understanding of the needs of our mutual clients to ensure the NEP Cloud solution can offer the best for the NHS.


Managing Director

Gary Sawyer

Partner of Technologyand Consultancy

As long-term partners of NEP, it is fair to say that the pandemic has certainly influenced a completely new way of working for all, this has been clearly demonstrated of what is achievable with the right desire and attitude to do so.

We are delighted to have worked on a number of enhancements with NEP who themselves have continued to make that difference to their members; not only maintaining the solution remotely but by achieving on delivery enhancements and new clients onto the NEP Cloud Solution whilst working remotely during such challenging times.

We are proud to be associated with our partner NEP and continue to support them in terms of complimenting and enhancing the NEP Cloud Solution that ultimately benefits our NHS.



Bengt Nilsson

Partner of NEP

NEP is the NHS, by the NHS and for the NHS demonstrating a patient centric approach that shines through in its determination, dedication and technological innovation.

The NHS has never been more challenged; people are living longer with more chronic conditions, services are under increased pressure and the recent pandemic has demanded more agile healthcare services, maintained and enabled by more efficient and nimble support services. Never has the value of NEP, a shared solution designed to drive efficiencies for the NHS, been so abundantly clear.

NEP have been, and remain, the pioneers of the NHS’ digitisation strategy in relation to Peppol, GS1 standards and catalogue provision meaning they provide their membership with the most advanced and future-proofed solutions available within the healthcare supply chain.

NEP have always understood that the value of these innovations extend far beyond the transactional efficiencies of the NHS and form the bedrock of helping hospitals strategically support the health of our nation, driving patient safety, sustainability and positive patient outcomes; that the value of adopting standards and driving interoperability means they are improving the capabilities of their membership whilst also creating the infrastructure for the remainder of the NHS.

Most importantly, they understand the combination of advanced technology and a workforce dedicated to creating and maintaining the new gold standard in healthcare will prepare the NHS for its future challenges and successes.

Join us on an adventure, begin your own NEP Cloud journey with us, we're here to help...

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